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질문 Question :

어떻게 하면 장벽을 최소화할 수 있을까?
How can we minimize the aforementioned barriers?

기기 접근성 확보
Use Accessible Digital Devices
  • 이용률 높은 스마트폰 기반

    Go smartphone-based since its utilization rate among the Korean 50+ is really high
  • 기기 사전 준비 장벽 제거

    By doing so, eliminate the burden of carrying around a laptop/tablet, or downloading an app on the phone.
학/실습 자료 접근성 강화
Enhance Accessibility to Learning Materials
  • 현존 학습 자료의 한글화

    Translate in Korean the existing p5.js learning materials
  • 교재 난이도 조정

    Adjust the level of difficulty in learning materials
  • 디자인 접근성 강화

    Enhance accessibility to the UI/UX design and interactions of the learning interface
학/실습 결과의 물질화
Materialize the Outcomes of Learning Coding
  • 다감각적 코딩 결과물 제시

    Provide and share as much multi-sensory sketch examples as possible that are made of p5.js
  • 결과물의 물질화

    Materialize the outcomes of coding into non-digital formats, such as prints
(자기주도) 학습 지속가능성 강화
Augment Sustainability of (Self-)Learning
  • 웹기반 언제 어디서든 편하게 접속, 학습 및 실습

    Go web-based, so that the 50+ users can connect to the learning interface whenever and wherever they want with just a single URL

질문 Question :

p5 for 50+ 웹앱으로 어떤 교육 경험을 제공할 수 있을까?
What learning experiences can we offer with p5 for 50+ web app?

접근성 높은 코딩 언어
P5.js As the Accessible Coding Language
스케치북, 악기, 게임기 같은 p5 코딩 예제
p5 Examples that Functions like Sketchbook, Drawing, Music Instrument, Game Station
풍부한 한글 자료 및 리소스
Providing p5 Materials & Resources in Korean
중장년/노년층 특화 학습 및 실습 인터페이스
Learning Interface Specially Designed for the 50+

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